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Rediscover salt...

Harvested on the island for over a thousand years, Noirmoutier sea salt gets it crystal texture, its white and grey shades and its unique taste from the encounter of the Atlantic Ocean, the clay bottom of the salt marshes and the ancestral know-how of the harvester, carefully acquired over time..

... and awaken your cooking

Herio brings to you not one but three different salts coarse salt, fine salt and our « fleur de sel » (*flower of salt) to awaken your daily cooking. Each salt brings its particular history, its specific usage, its best timing, all to deliver the best flavors to your dishes, and for the good pleasure of us all.

Happy New Year !

2021 was a very rich year for us : our first real contacts with our clients, our first range extension, the development of our network of distributors, our first media publications.
May 2022 be just as rich ! We've got plenty of exciting projects to show you. In the mean time, we wish you all a happy new year !

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