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Our salt for one kitchen : yours.

Our range was designed to let you rediscover the history of the salt, starting from the most important : the kitchen ! Our products are an invitation to bring back this ancestral salt into your daily cooking :

Coarse salt
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Coarse salt for preparing

It is the main product of the harvest, amounting up to 90% of the total tonnage.

Composed of large white crystals, it also has a greyish tint that comes from being in contact with clay, which the bottom of the salt marshes are made out of. It full effect in cooking is found when it is given the time to dissolve into your dishes, in boiling water, or any sauce or stew.

Fine salt for seasoning

It is your daily tool. Daily cooking is rarely made of traditional 6-hour-stew.To handle simple things, or to face urgency you can rely on fine salt.

Fine salt is just a derivative from coarse salt, which is grinded. The crystals turned into grain, the chef can harness more easily the power of the salt and the quantity that need to be put in to achieve the perfect taste.
It sums up in one simple way : season. taste. repeat until satisfied !

Flower of salt
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"fleur de sel" for the final touch

It is the best part of the harvest, the most noble one, that represents less than 10% of the yearly production. Flower of salt is made of very subtle crystals, almost flat, similar to snowflakes. Because it is harvested at the surface of the water, it does not have the greyish tint of coarse and fine salt, and remains perfectly white.
It is used when served directly on the plate, just before eating. Strictly speaking, one could almost say that the flower of salt does not really bring extra salt flavor, but just brings nuance and depth to the actual flavors of the dish.