Picture Herio Salt flatp
Aerial view of the family salt marsh called "Grandchamp", behind the iconic beach of Luzéronde

WHo are we ?

The name Herio is inspired from the ancient name of the Island of Noirmoutier, the Isle of Her.
Saint Philbert, well-known by the local inhabitants, fled Belgium and the end of the 7th century and founded a new monastery on the Isle of Her. Said monastery is often refered to as Herio Monasterio in ancient scriptures.

photo François Rousseau

Herio was founded in 2019 by FRANÇOIS ROUSSEAU. He fell in love with Noirmoutier right after his first visits there, in the early 2000's. After 8 years of a first carreer in Paris, China, Picardy and numerous trips around the globe, he decided to start a new adventure around Noirmoutier salt, to promote this tremendous product worldwhide, and to get for it the place it deserves in our kitchens and on our tables.